Accutane is the brand name of Isotretinoin. Its is the only thing out there they will cure acne. If women take Accutane while pregnant it could cause bad birth defects. It is shown in reports from Israel and Britain that Isotretinion is safer then what was use to be thought.

The condition of acne is usually skin oils that’s converted over to a solid white material and is colorless. You skin will start to swell and turn red once it responds to all of the trapped solid oils. When you do a 3 to 4 month course of Isotretinoion will damage the oil gland and subside on the amount of oils that produces in your skin and because of that Isotretinion is most adequate drug to treat any acne that you have. You should not get any serious side effects from having less of your skin oils, it is only known for the function that keeps you from feeling cold in the winter time. It will slow the evaporation of your sweat. You can get dry skin from lack of collagen which will cause an aging look and lack of water will also cause dry skin, it will not be from lack of oils in your skin.

93% of the people who are taking Isotretinoin has reported that there isn’t any long term effects from what a British study says. It was reported by a Bristish researchers that only 2% of the people suffered from muscles ache when they went to there follow up, and five % suffered from the dry mouth. When it comes to joint pain, dry skin and eyes had a less than 1%. It was shown that there isn’t any long term side effect and it is safe to use Accutane. It may cause some birth defects if you are taking this drug while pregnant.

There was a study done in Israel and it was shown that Isotretinoin is much safer then what a lot of doctors have thought. For severe acne doctors are refusing to write a prescription cause they are scared that Isotretinoin will cause heart attacks, levels of triglyceride to raise and liver damage. When the study was done, the liver test were normal enough that there wasn’t any reasons to stop any treatment. People continue all treatment even though there was one point five % with levels of four hundred MG of serum triglyceride levels. For second treatment only three point five percent had to have it.

It is recommended that if you are pregnant you should not use Accutane since it can cause birth defects, 3 months after stopping Isotretinoin women should not have any risk of any birth defects.

If the triglyceride and liver test come back normal, the patient is prescribe forty MG of Isotretinoin 2 time a day for fourteen days. The levels are check every 4 weeks and if by any chance they come back abnormal the medication is stopped immediately. If the levels come back normal in a repeat level check in 2 weeks then you can restart the medication. If acne decided to return months or even years later, then forty MG of Isotretinoin is prescribe 4 times in a day for at least 1 month. You should always check with the doctor.