What kind of medication is Cardura?
Cardura is an alpha-adrenergic blocker. The active ingredient is doxazosin which is available as oral tablets (1mg, 2mg 4mg and 8mg).

What is Cardura used for?
Cardura relaxes and dilates arteries and veins to improve the flow of blood. This medication is used for the treatment of high blood pressure and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Cardura is also used for other conditions not mentioned in this guide.

Cardura 4mg tablets

Cardura must be used as prescribed. Never make changes to the dosage without consulting a doctor. This medication should be taken with water. When first using Cardura you may experience dizziness or feeling faint – therefore take the dose at night before sleeping.

Do not stop treatment with Cardura without consulting a doctor.

Missed Dose
A missed dose can be taken as long as a suitable length of time passes before the time of the next dose. Do not take a double dose. Should you miss more than one dose, contact your doctor.

Important information about this medication
Cardura should not be taken by people who are allergic to doxazosin.

Prior to using Cardura, your doctor will need to know if you have prostate cancer or liver disease.

Prior to taking Cardura, you must provide your doctor with details of your medical history. This must include medications that you have used, or are using, as well as any dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbal medications.

It has not been established if Cardura can harm a fetus. Women who are pregnant should therefore use this medication cautiously. It has not been established if the active ingredient is secreted into breast milk – this means that nursing mothers should use Cardura with extreme caution, and only after discussing the risks with their doctor.

This drug can cause eye problems, therefore if you are scheduled to undergo cataract surgery, you must tell the surgeon who will be performing the procedure that you are using Cardura.

Whilst using Cardura, avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can increase the intensity of some of this drug’s side-effects.

When first using Cardura, do not drive or do any dangerous activities in case you react badly to this drug.

What are the side-effects of this medication?
Symptoms of an allergic reaction include breathing problems, swelling (tongue, throat, face or lips), or hives. If any of these symptoms appear, call for medical assistance.

Symptoms of serious side-effects include pounding or fast heart rate, feeling lightheaded, painful or prolonged erection, or swelling of the feet, ankles or hands.

Less serious side-effects that usually occur in the early stages of treatment with this medication are stomach pain, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, or weakness.

This medication may cause other side-effects not mentioned above. Any uncomfortable symptoms that persist should be reported to your doctor.

If overdose is suspected
Symptoms of overdose may include convulsions, fainting or drowsiness. Call for medical assistance.

Storage instructions
Cardura should be stored in a dry, cool place – away from moisture or direct sunlight.