Medical science has made major advances in the field of diagnosis as well as treatment and surgical interventions. With the help of advanced medical systems and procedures we find an increase in lifespan of the people. People used to retire normally by sixties and used to live up to sixty five years normally. Now the lifespan has increased to more than eighty years.

The modern lifestyle of city living builds pressure on people. Most people have to watch out and maintain a healthy diet to avoid obesity related, cholesterol related and blood pressure related problems. As opposed to the earlier lifestyle exposed to nature and natural products, today’s lifestyle are dependant upon more of manufactured and artificial foods. The immunity level of the people is far lesser than the earlier generations. With reduced immunity majority of people are falling prey to diabetes, cancer and heart attacks etc. Though people do take preventive action to avoid these major illnesses, the low immunity makes them susceptible to lot of infections and ailments which we miss out on watching out for.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Most people who have diabetes and blood pressure are required to always watch out and take care of foot hygiene. It is important that one wears shoes all the time while walking and never walk bear feet. In case of any foot injury it takes a lot of time to heal. They are also prone to nail fungus infection. Medically known as onychomycosis , this is a fungus attack on the nails which tend to become discolored, jagged and yellow stained nails. When people expose their feet to unhygienic condition and to wet conditions, the nails are susceptible to fungus attacks. It is always better to give attention to foot hygiene and adapt daily discipline and habits as early as possible.

In fact it is better to inculcate good habits right from childhood. Similar to dental and oral hygiene, caring for the foot is to be practiced daily as a routine. But as one grows older for various reasons it is important to give attention to one’s feet. Let us look at a few of points that one needs to keep in mind to avoid nail fungus:

  • Always maintain a dry feet and wipe the skin in between the toes dry.
  • Washing feet or having bath once a day is a must.
  • Wear socks that absorb sweat from the feet.
  • Socks should always be dry and never use soggy and wet socks. This promotes nail fungus.
  • If required use a medicated powder in between the toes and nails.
  • Cut nails frequently and remove any kind of dirt accumulated at the corners of nails.
  • Do not expose feet to too much of wetness nor keep the feet always covered. Expose the feet to air and sunlight as frequently as possible.
  • Incase you spot yellow stains on the nails, refer to the medical expert immediately and start with anti bacterial treatment to avoid and contain the infection.

More than the health affects of nail fungus, it is the appearance that makes it distasteful. If you ignore this as a simple infection, beware once infected nail fungus takes several months of treatment to rid yourself of the infection. Another word of caution, you are inviting more infections and more problems by not taking care of nail fungus.