We pride ourselves being tech savvy and educated. We keep ourselves updated about the latest movies, fashion and the works. A lot of our spare time is spent browsing through websites and chatting with friends over the social networking sites. All in all our general awareness levels have increased.

We are today well aware of the advances made by medical sciences and our knowledge of the diseases and treatment options have increased. Cancer is no longer a fatalistic blow but we know that we can battle cancer. Aren’t we aware of stem cell therapy being the latest on the circuit? Many of us plan to line up and save our stem cells so that we can use it for our future.

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On the other hand most of us also keep abreast of the beauty aided treatments and options that are available to us. Cosmetic surgery is something that is now affordable and desirable too. Either to augment a feature or to reconstruct a defect we seek cosmetic surgeon’s help. What about those wrinkles and grey hair. Are women willing to shell out thousands of dollars for botox injections to remove those wrinkles around the mouth and on the forehead? The sight of a grey hair gives sleepless nights to both men as well as women and a whole hair care products industry is thriving on this factor alone.

All in all we seem to be living in a quick fix age where we spend a lot of money in repairing our features and dressing up our body. In the bargain the old system of healthy eating and plain living has gone out of the window. People earlier used to cook delicious home made meals using freshly grown vegetables and fruits in plenty. Diary and meat was also cooked and used in combination. This provided sufficient nutrition as well as fiber required for the body.

Now we no longer cook meals at home. We depend upon semi processes foods that we buy from the supermarket, store them in the fridge and use them to fix a quick meal. By using more and more processed food, we are consuming more of refined food too. With long term exposure to refined food, our body’s dietary as well as fiber requirements are not met resulting in various gastro intestinal and bowel irregularities. The stressed and fast paced life is also damaging our internal systems. People no longer have the time to walk or exercise and gone are the days when one had to do a lot of physical labor. Many working people depend upon coffee as a stimulant and do not take adequate liquids.

All these lifestyle habits have their own consequences which people do not realize until they suffer from it. In most cases of the professionals who are leading a stressed out life, the cases of hemorrhoids is increasing. The above mentioned lifestyle is the main cause of this problem also known as piles.

If you happen to suddenly find yourself straining to pass stools and find it extremely painful then chances are that your are suffering from hemorrhoids. These vascular structures which are lining the anus wall are swollen and inflamed and are causing the obstruction as well as pain and rectal bleeding too.

While you will find that within a few days with medical help and prescription you will be able to get out of this problem, it is better to wake up and adopt a healthy lifestyle and change your diet to include fiber, water and top it with plenty of physical exercises to avoid further reoccurrence of hemorrhoids.