Hypertension is the state of abnormally elevated arterial blood pressure. Increased environmental pollution and inadequate nutritional standards increase the risk factor of coronary and cardiac impairments. One of such impairment is hypertension against which a number of medicines are being produced. Norvasc by Pfizer Company, now available in more than 88 countries, is a highly recommended anti-hypertensive for raised BP. Amlodipine is the chemical name of the drug and is an effective measure against angina and related disorders.

The mechanism of the drug is quite simple as compared to its vital importance in the field of medicine. As we know that it’s the calcium channels that regulate the inflow and outflow of the calcium ions of the cells especially of the muscle type. The contraction of muscles cells, in this case the smooth muscles of the blood vessel walls, is precisely controlled by these channels. The contraction of the systemic blood vessels of the body causes an increase in intra-vascular pressure and thus a raised blood pressure. Upon administration of Norvasc, these calcium channels are blocked and the vascular wall smooth muscles are prevented from contracting. This lowers the blood pressure level significantly by reducing peripheral resistance of the blood vessels. Thus the drug is a potent anti-hypertensive.

After 17 years in the marketplace helping patients who suffer from hypertension and angina, Norvasc began to face generic competition in the US in the first quarter of 2008. In response, Pfizer introduced its own generic version of Norvasc and continues to make the branded product available to patients.

As hypertension is one of the primary causes that strains the heart pump. Increased blood pressure forces more pressure on cardiac muscles thus increases its workload. Strain on the heart walls tremendously increases cardiac and coronary risks. Angina is a sort of heart attack characterized by pain on the left side as in the left arm and in the chest. In this condition, the walls of heart undergo damage and become nonfunctional often producing systolic stretch, subsequently not delivering adequate amount of cardiac output to the body tissues for their proper nutrition. Norvasc, on the other hand, relieves heart from the strain of high blood pressure by preventing the inflow of calcium of the cardiac and blood vascular tissues thus treating angina effectively.

Apart from chest pain (angina pectoris), the person is also spared from stroke and kidney malfunctions. Adequate blood pressure level is required for proper filtration of plasma in the kidneys, which would otherwise lead to vicious cycle of volume loading hypertension.

Peripheral edema, stomachache, headache, nausea, palpitations, muscle cramps, flushing, swollen ankles, constipation, dyspepsia and dizziness could result as side effects of the drug though the drug may cause depression, insomnia, tachycardia, erratic behavior very rarely. In case of any of these and other allergic reactions, dark urine or worsening chest pain, consult your doctor immediately.

Oral administration of the drug for angina is recommended at the doses of 2.5 to 10mg tablet a day as prescribed by the physician. Take medicine with or without food as per the prescription. Take the medicine at the same instant of each day. Cessation of its administration without consulting the doctor is highly prohibited for effective treatment and should be regularly taken to obtain maximum relief. Tell your physician about other antihypertensive drugs that you are already taking. Abstain from any edible product that might increase your blood pressure.

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