An effective impotency medicine, Levitra can bring in a lot of change in sexual life. Levitra is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which helps in getting you the right erection.

The drug acts on the muscles in blood vessels. When muscles are rlaxed because of Levitra, more blood reached the vessels. Once the vessels get good blood flow, the penis gets perfect erection. The erection will also last for many hours.

Levitra can be taken with food or in empty stomach. The drug has to be used about an hour ahead of any activity. When taking levitra, do not go for larger doses as it can only augment the risks of side effects. The recommended dose is 10 mg of Levitra for an adult and 5 mg for elderly persons.

You should only take Levitra after consulting your physician. When having an appointment with the physician, be frank enough to inform him about all your allergies and also about all your health related problems.

Levitra should not be used if you are using any nitrate based drugs and also alpha drugs. Stop taking alcohol when you are on levitra medication.

In some persons, the erections may last for many hours after takng levitra. Long erections are not good for the penis as it can only cause harm to the penis. If you have any such problems, contact the doctor immediately.

Just like all medicines, persons using Levitra can expereince many allergies and side effects. If you have any uneasiness after using levitra, contact the doctor immediately.