Every individual has his or her happy and sad moments in life. When you are constantly sad it may be because you are experiencing depression or stress. This is a very serious condition that can greatly affect your everyday life. The only good news about this is that depression can be treated completely. It is not a permanent condition that you have to live with forever. In order to overcome depression, you have to understand it first. You should therefore be familiar with its causes, symptoms, signs as well as its treatment.

Lexapro 10mg tablets

Among the treatments is Lexapro, which is one of the best treatments for depression in both adults and adolescents. Lexapro is recommended for the patients of age twelve and above and it is only available by a doctor’s prescription. Just like any other medication, Lexapro has its advantages and disadvantages. Lexapro should not be taken by the patients who are currently taking other drugs such as Celexa among others. Therapy is very necessary because through therapy you will be able to understand how to prevent depression by controlling your emotions.

During pregnancy, you are advised not take most of the medications but there are some conditions that call for medications such as depression. Lexapro is the best treatment that can be used by a pregnant woman. However, it should only be prescribed when its benefits outweigh the side effects to the unborn child. This drug is offered to the depressed expectant mothers because depression at this state can harm the foetus.