As with any other antibiotic, one of the key pieces of advice could not be more simple to follow. When you are given a course of treatment, take all the tablets prescribed for as long as directed. It does not matter that you feel better.
The reason is to reduce the risk that some of the bacteria survive and become immune to the antibiotic. If this happens, the next time you are infected, the antibiotic will be less effective until it no longer works.

That said, for now Doxycycline remains one of the most effective antibiotics to control bacterial infections, mainly affecting the eyes, throat, breathing, digestive system and the urinary tract. However, it is “specific”. So if your physician has correctly diagnosed which bacteria are infecting you, Doxycycline will “cure” you. Otherwise, it will be ineffective. It is also completely useless if you have a viral infection.

Thus, self-diagnosis is not recommended. You should only buy and use this drug when you have a proper diagnosis of your condition. The only situation in which it is “safe” for you to prescribe the use of this drug is to reduce the risk of malaria. Start one or two days before travel and continue for a month after you return.

Use Of Antibiotics In Sinus Infection

Our plant kingdom offers abundant antibiotics for treatment of sinus infections. If antibiotic is taken in the most natural form, it will case minimal side- effects as compared to the prescribed drugs. Also, antibiotics in their most natural form are very effective in the treatment of allergies.

Since ages, people have been using plants for medicinal uses. The primitive people used their sense of smell and their overall experience to comprehend over the use of certain plants for medicinal use. They ruled out how plants help in healing and curing various diseases and health ailments. The sense of smell blessed on the mankind is the most primitive one. The human has the capability to remember the sense of smell. He can easily recognize the smell that he has once smelled and recalls all the memories attached to that particular smell.

Many essential oils are very helpful in treating sinus infections. The scented essential oils are very effective home remedy to treat sinus infections.

  • Basil

In the world of aromatherapy, basil is considered to have one of the most amazing and powerful aromas. It is used in the treatment of stress and allergies like bronchitis and asthma. It helps in stimulating thinking power. Basil blends best with Frankincense, Geranium and Citrus oils. Together, they form the most amazing antibiotics for the treatment of sinus infections.

  • Other essential oils

Eucalyptus, lavender, fennel, peppermint, lemon, sandalwood, rosemary, thyme and sandalwood are very effective in relieving allergies.

In world of natural healing, the use of essential oils is increasing day by day. It is now considered as one of the best natural healing arts. Even the orthodox medical practitioners are swearing by this remedy.

The essential oils are totally natural and very aromatic. They are considered as the “soul” of plants. Not just, as treatment of sinus infections, they have a diverse range of application. From relieving sinus infection to balancing the states if mind like depression and stress which are very prevalent nowadays, essential oils are used for all.

This is a typical holistic therapy which intends at finding the root cause of the allergies and then, healing the allergies using the natural healing ability of the body. The approach do not just intend at relieving the symptoms.

Take some healing essential oils that you like and indulge in the use of a fragrant but, potent antibiotic to relieve the sinus infection.

Other allergic conditions like asthma, eczema, etc respond very well to the complementary medicinal approach in conjunction with the conventional medications. This helps in faster healing and also keeps the person healthy. The best advantage that it offers is that it spares the intake of drugs. The complementary therapies include energy healing, hydrotherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, QiGong (exercises), aromatherapy herbal medicines and many others to mention. All these approaches are totally natural and very effective.

But, one should always keep in mind that every single person is biologically different from the other. So, it is not necessary that everything works for everyone.